Good real estate agents are worth their weight in gold. They are well versed in important house buying and house selling factors such as closing costs, home inspections, buying a house in foreclosure and rent to own agreements.

Reputable, experienced real estate agents also know which documents and information are required to be disclosed to home buyers. This is the type of knowledge that can keep you out of legal hot water months down the road.

Places where you can find good, reputable real estate agents

Being a good real estate agent is not just about finding a client the best value home for the lowest price. To be a good real estate agent, a realtor needs to be licensed and knowledgeable about houses in the city or state that they are licensed in. It’s a reason why finding a great realtor isn’t always easy. To help you in your search, below are some places where you experienced realtors list their services.

  • State licensing agencies are a good place to find a real estate agent. If you go with a realtor who you find at an official state licensing agency website, you’ll know that the realtor who you work with is, in fact, licensed. You can also verify that the realtor’s license is active.
  • Better Business Bureau – Some realtors list their services with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that the realtor includes her or his license number with the listing. Pay attention to ratings that the agent has received as well.
  • Agent Finder – As with a Better Business Bureau listing, look for the real estate agent’s license number in the listing. To ensure that the license is current, you may have to check your state’s licensing agency listing.
  • Real Estate Agency – Even if a real estate agent is a contractor, she may get most of her work through a well-known agency. Don’t just rely on a realtor’s word. Check the agency’s website to confirm that the agent does work at the agency. You could even ask a manager at the agency to let you know who their best agents in the area are.
  • Realtor Associations – Professional realtor associations are networking organizations that own directories that list real estate agents who have a membership with them. You could contact an association and ask for a referral. Make sure that you identify the specific type of property you are looking to buy or sell.

Word of mouth goes a long way in the house buying and house selling industry. Don’t stop at searching directories and licensing agencies while looking for a good real estate agent. Ask your relatives, colleagues, neighbors and friends to suggest one or more good realtors to you. Also ask these trusted contacts to share pros and cons that they experienced while working with a realtor that they recommend. Above all, look for a licensed realtor who is in good standing with the state. You also want a real estate agent who values and respects your opinions, suggestions, wants and time.

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For home sellers, revamping a kitchen can help transform an ordinary house into an exceptional home. In fact, a high-quality kitchen may make a world of difference for a prospective homebuyer who is considering multiple properties.

So what does it take to transform your home’s kitchen into an asset that can improve the value and quality of your entire home? Here are three kitchen improvement tips that every home seller needs to know:

1. Plan Ahead.

Spend some time planning out how you want your kitchen to look. By doing so, you’ll be able to map out your kitchen, decide where new appliances like a refrigerator and stove should go and work toward creating an awe-inspiring kitchen.

To plan for your future kitchen, you’ll want to consider your current kitchen, too. Your current kitchen might not be perfect, but you should try to keep things in place that you enjoy and get rid of things you don’t.

2. Focus on Quality Over Appearance.

A sleek appliance won’t necessarily prove to be the best appliance. However, a top-rated appliance likely will serve as a viable option in just about any kitchen.

Remember, homebuyers frequently search for value, particularly when it comes to a residence’s kitchen. As such, you’ll want to equip your kitchen with first-rate appliances, especially if you plan to include these appliances as part of a home sale.

Ultimately, state-of-the-art appliances could serve you well. And even though you may wind up paying more for high-end appliances, these items could help you receive better offers for your residence.

3. Use Lighting to Your Advantage.

Your kitchen should function as a bright, inviting space. Meanwhile, with the right lighting in place, you’ll be able to show homebuyers that your residence’s kitchen can provide a wonderful spot for family dinners, special events and much more.

Ambient lighting such as flush-mounted ceiling lamps and wall sconces can help your kitchen make a distinct impression on homebuyers. Furthermore, task lighting such as under-cabinet lighting offers a perfect mix of form and function, as it can illuminate a particular area of your kitchen and looks great day after day.

Don’t be afraid to consider a variety of lighting options as you look to reinvent your kitchen. With the right lighting in your kitchen, you’ll be able to effectively illuminate this space.

Of course, when it comes to revamping your residence’s kitchen, your real estate agent may be able to help out as well. This real estate professional can offer suggestions and recommendations and enable you to find the best ways to enhance your kitchen without breaking your budget.

Kitchen improvements are paramount for home sellers who want to make their residences more attractive to homebuyers. And home sellers who are committed to accelerating their chances of a fast sale can work toward bolstering the quality and appearance of any kitchen thanks in part to the aforementioned tips.

Begin your kitchen improvements today, and you’ll be able to increase your chances of generating significant interest in your home.

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