You’ve decided to move into an apartment for several months, maybe even a year or longer, giving yourself time to adjust to living on your own before you buy a house. That or you might have moved into an apartment to give yourself time to repair your credit and save a good down payment on a new house. You did your research, visiting at least five apartment complexes near where you live or work. It feels good to know that you finally found the right apartment community. Management is friendly, responsible and knowledgeable. They make you feel like family.

How a new apartment management team could affect your life

Yet, three months into living at the apartment community, you receive a notice that the apartments are moving under new management. The change could be good. It also might not be noticeable to you except when you stop by the management office to pay rent and notice that you’re talking with an entire different set of team members at the leasing office.

General changes that you may notice after a new management team takes over the apartment community where you live include:

Different people manning the leasing office – The new management team may try to keep the current leasing office staff in place. Despite these efforts, don’t be surprised to see people who work in the leasing office exit.

New faces equal new personalities – One of the biggest changes that you’ll experience after your current apartment community moves under different management has to do with personality. Quiet and reserved staff at the leasing office may be replaced by more outgoing, risk tasking personalities. Again, this may not be driven by the new management, but due to the fact that former leasing office staff exited after the new owners bought the property.

Community events – The numbers and types of community events may change. For example, if the former leasing office staff distributed birthday cards to tenants on their actual birthday, the new staff may replace that with a quarterly community-wide birthday event at the clubhouse.

Office hours – Days and hours that the leasing office is open may be extended or shortened. Tenants also may be able to pick large packages up at the leasing office for the first time.

Amenities – Upgraded amenities may be apart of the change over.

Maintenance – Similar to changes in leasing office staff, there may be turnover in the maintenance ranks. This change could impact quality of maintenance service, perceived or real. Concerning perception, if tenants hate change, they may devalue anything that the new staff does, even if it’s actually an improvement.

Rental rates – Should this occur, it won’t happen until current leases expire.

New service providers – Trash carriers, electricians and plumbers who handle large projects may change.

New apartment name – The name of the apartment facility may change to reflect the name of the new owners. On the other hand, the name may remain as it is in an effort to avoid disrupting existing marketing and branding efforts.

You may not notice it. However, over time, you can get accustomed to seeing team members at your apartment leasing office. You could even develop friendships with these residential workers. It can make getting used to a new set of apartment management team members difficult. By knowing what to expect, you could reduce your inner struggle to adjust to and accept the shift. You could also develop an appreciation and a thankfulness for the service and support that the new management team provides to you and other residents at the apartment community where you live.

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Experienced, knowledgeable real estate agents are experts in attracting potential buyers to home showings.

When you initially meet with prospective real estate agents to determine which one would be the best fit for your needs, you can get a pretty good sense of how marketing-savvy they are.

Since marketing is one of the most important parts of their job description, a well-trained, motivated real estate agent will know how to effectively use the Internet, their network of personal contacts, and a variety of other techniques to draw in qualified prospects.

Is there anything that you, as the homeowner, can do to help market your home?

Although it’s your real estate agent’s role to advertise, promote, and publicize your real estate listing to targeted groups and the general public, there is one huge thing you can do to help: Try to keep your house and property looking impeccable at all times. While that goal may be easier said than done, it’s worth some extra time and effort to make your home as inviting and appealing to house hunters as possible.

Here are two ways you can increase your home’s marketability and help spark more interest among prospective buyers:

  1. Meticulous neatness and cleanliness gives your home instant appeal. On the other hand, a messy, disorganized home or yard will send the wrong message to people touring your house. While it may be counterproductive to have your house reeking from ammonia and harsh cleaning chemicals, keeping countertops, floors, and walls clean will help your real estate agent present your home in its best possible light. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enlist the help of everyone in the family (except pets) to clean up after themselves and keep their rooms and play areas looking civilized!
  2. Help maintain curb appeal! As the cliché goes (or was it an old mouthwash commercial?): “You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression!” For that reason, it’s vitally important for your lawn to look well manicured and your house to be free from peeling paint and yard clutter. Another eyesore that detracts from first impressions is the sight of weeds growing out of cracks in your driveway or walkway. The cracks, themselves, are a problem you might want to address, but the weeds (or grass) poking through them is like adding insult to injury! If you don’t want to spray them with some toxic, store-bought weed killer, then research natural ways to kill weeds.

Although your real estate agent will gladly handle 99% of the marketing for your home, you can help give their efforts an important nudge by making sure your home and property always look their best!

Build A Rock Wall

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